Rev. Joseph Zaro, Ordained Minister

Rev. Joe Zaro, Ordained Minister - Our "Save the Day!" Officiant

Rev. Joe Zaro, Ordained Minister - Our "Save the Day!" Officiant

Does the name sound familiar? It is! Rev. Joe is Rev. Lisa Zaro's husband and is also an Ordained Minister. He started out helping behind the scenes as Rev. Lisa started to grow the business. In 2015, Rev. Joseph became ordained and began officiating ceremonies in emergency situations when a judge or other clergy was ill or friends/family of a couple would change their minds about performing the ceremony at the last minute. He quickly discovered that he desired a more active role as an Ordained Minister.

Joe has been described as a natural in his role as an Officiant. He has a fantastic sense of humor and a professional voice, much like that of a radio host or event MC.

As an experienced Professional Hudson Valley Wedding Officiant, who has stood in for other clergy  up to 3 times in one week, Reverend Joseph Zaro is ready to fill his 2015 & 2016 calendar!

If your non-PCRZ Officiant cancels at the last minute, has an emergency, is a no-show, or one of our officiants has a dire emergency, Rev. Joe is here to save the day! He has been called  the "Save the Day Minister" and the "Minister of Mayhem". No, not because he creates mayhem, but because he helps you overcome it by stepping in and saving your ceremony.

Rev. Joseph Zaro is also available for advance bookings of personalized and custom ceremony bookings and elopements.

If you would like to connect with Rev. Joe about your ceremony, please fill out our WEDDING CEREMONY OFFICIANT INFORMATION REQUEST FORM.