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Thank you for visiting my website! My name is Rev. Lisa Zaro. I am a Non-denominational Ordained Minister located in the Hudson Valley, NY area. As a Ceremony Officiant, I am honored to celebrate with couples and families on the most incredible days of their lives. My joy is in creating ceremonies reflective of your wishes so that you have a memorable ceremony that they you will look back on for years to come as your own.

Rev. Zaro provides ceremony services in the following locations:

  • Hudson Valley, NY
  • Westchester, NY
  • Northern New Jersey
  • New York City
  • Destination Weddings (Domestic and International)

Rev. Zaro’s Services Include:

  • Personalized weddings, vow renewals, commitment ceremonies, baby blessings and adoption welcomings.

Wedding packages available:
Personalized Ceremonies: Are you looking for a personalized ceremony that includes your story as a couple? Click Here for Personalized Ceremony Information & Pricing.

Simple Ceremonies: If you wish for a wedding that is short and sweet (10-15 minutes), Click Here for Simple Ceremony Information & Pricing.

Elopements:  If you are having a very private, civil ceremony in your home, a park, restaurant or other location, Click Here for Elopement Information & Pricing.

Special Event Speeches & Coaching: If your best man, maid of honor or parents need assistance with writing their speeches for your special occasion, you are covered. I have helped many honor attendants and parents with the construction of their speech. We can start from scratch, or work with what they already have. Speech writing is not included in the ceremony packages, so be sure to ask if you think you may want to ‘gift’ your loved ones with some help with their task. They may also contact me directly. Click Here for more information on Special Event Speeches & Coaching.

Personal Ad Writing Services: For your friends and relatives who may not have been struck by Cupid’s arrow just yet, please send them my way. They will find online personal ad writing and editing services with PCRZ, too! Click Here for More information.
 For a SNEAK PEEK of what I do, please visit my VIDEO page! CLICK HERE!

Sound interesting? So where do you begin?

For personalized wedding ceremonies and vow renewals, you would start right here. Please scroll to the bottom of the page for information about my other ceremony services.

First, I invite you to make contact with me via phone at 845-222-5146 (NY) or 201-785-7933 (NJ) or E-mail

To expedite your inquiry, please fill out the following form: New Client Event Request Form

Next, when we speak, I will tell you more about what I do, but the most important component to building your ceremony is when I listen to you and find out what you are looking for.

To start, I will ask you basic questions about your ceremony day, such as date, time, venue, etc.

Next, we’ll talk about if there are any spiritual elements you would like to include, or would you prefer that it be free of any religious references? Will someone be singing or doing a reading? Would you like to include a moment of remembrance and honor loved ones who could not attend on your special day because they are ill or have passed? Have you given any thought to including a rose, candle or sand ceremony in your wedding?

***Don’t worry if you don’t have what you want in mind just yet. I am here to guide you and bring it all together.

Basically, during our conversations, I find out what makes you and your fiancee unique as a couple, and as individuals. I will ask questions about how you met, what your first date was like, what made you fall in love with each other, how you would describe one another, things that you like to do together, what the engagement was like and how you picture your wedding.

Laura and Ken seal their union with a kiss

Finally, I take the information and I create a ceremony for you. Some of the elements we discuss will be included in the actual ceremony text. The other information helps me to get a “flavor” for who you are as a couple to build a wedding that is truly “yours”.

After your ceremony, you and your fiancee will have experienced a moment in your lives that you, your fiancee, your family and friends will never forget. In fact, they will likely talk about it for years to come as it will stand out from every other ceremony they have attended. Why? Because it is Your Personalized Ceremony!

If you would like to ask any questions, or are ready to book your consultation, please call me at 845-222-5146 or 201-785-7933. Both number go directly to me personally! If you prefer, fill out my New Client Event Information Form

For rate information, ceremony samples, or to book your consultation with Rev. Lisa Zaro, call 845-222-5146 or 201-785-7933 today!


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